Minter Ellison Sydney

Project Manager Savills
Area 14000
Client Minter Ellison
Builder Buildcorp
Interior designer BVN
Data, IT & communications
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health
Specialist lighting
Vertical transportation

Medland Engineering’s advisory team worked in close collaboration with Minter Ellison to undertake a benchmark and future needs analysis, followed by a building search, and audits of the shortlisted building. Following building selection and AFL, we were engaged to undertake Full design and documentation package for Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Fire, Hydraulic, Specialist lighting, Vertical Transportation.

By exposing building services and removing the ceilings in large areas of the new Minter Ellison lawyers facility at Governor Macquarie tower we enabled the ceiling height to reach 3.8m in some areas, creating the opportunity to up light as well enabling significant use of desk lamps to provide a very unique ambience.

Large interconnecting staircase required innovative and creative design solutions to relocate the existing base building systems whilst improving comfort conditions and providing physical unobtrusive barriers of security between client and workplace spaces.

The Minter Ellison team were highly pleased with the new workplace.