Leaders in Independent Engineering Advisory

19 July 2016

For 30 years Medland Engineering has been building its reputation as leaders in Independent Engineering Advisory. In the past 12 months we have continued to represent a number of high profile clients with engineering advisory, particularly in the Legal and Professional services sectors.

This is because we provide early advice to our clients that maximises their opportunity to create a safe, reliable, functional, secure and comfortable environment for the duration of their lease period. Our clients understand that building services are integral to a quality workplace and always consider the following before undertaking their lease negotiations:

  • A condition survey,
  • A  Benchmark Review,
  • A feasibility Study,
  • Due Diligence!

Our Independent Advisory services de-risk our client’s refurbishment and relocation projects. Our early independent advice provides our clients with a full and detailed report of the existing condition of the building services, including whether the building infrastructure will support the client’s needs for the expected duration of the lease.

Our clients seek our expert advice to:

  • Minimise their outgoing costs,
  • Unravel maintenance responsibilities,
  • Assess a building’s energy efficiency and ongoing energy costs,
  • Ensure the base building infrastructure can cope with high density areas, agile working and other unique requirements!