Empowering employees through a unique training program

23 March 2016

Does your employer empower you through a unique training program?

Our Empower programme is expressed through ‘MM Time’ sessions, where each member of the team is challenged to push their boundaries and follow their passions, unleashing each individual from their daily routine to pursue personal and team objectives that support new levels of inspiration and develop their inner resources as an innovative professional.

Improvisation or “Thinking on your feet” isn’t just a skill for the stage, it’s an essential skill in today’s business environment. In their first Empower session for the year, our London team participated in a unique communication workshop run by Gavin Presman from Inspire. It wasn’t so long ago that our Sydney and Brisbane teams enjoyed the same experience - check it out here.

The session set out to teach the team how to be more flexible and present as communicators and to adapt and act decisively in the moment. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Excellent. I actually took a lot away from this session. Rather than telling you how to react, behave or listen, the session allowed you to discover the benefits yourself and how you may be perceived by others”

“Great tool to learn and transform personally and professionally”

We are currently seeking creative and passionate engineers for a variety of roles.

Talk to our recruitment team today if you are interested in joining our high performing team that enjoys continuous development with opportunities to learn, innovate and create without restriction under the Empower programme!