So the games have begun!

8 August 2016

In the spirit of the Olympics, our people will demonstrate their prowess in a battle of the disciplines as part of Engineering Month at  M.E. Mechanical engineers will go up against electrical, fire against hydraulic in a challenge to spin the best tale of the month. Ultra short stories about feats and wonders, great and ordinary, will feature each week, inspiring our engineers to sharpen their wits and demonstrate their capacity as raconteurs of their craft.

Challenges will include communicating complexity in simple terms, from the known hazards of the humble toaster through to the ingenuity of the chilled beam, or the capacity of the ubiquitous blue spaghetti cable.

Our celebration of Engineering Month, highlights our commitment to the value of effective communication of engineering concepts to clients, both internal and external, as a vital part of a job well done by M.E.