Our secret to success is quite simply our people. Your career is our future!

We place great value on our staff, their development and creating an environment where high standards of innovation and inspired engineering are possible.

We believe that to deliver exceptional engineering we must resource and nurture exceptional people to achieve their personal best. We do this through our abundant professional culture and well-resourced environments. Medland EngineeringĀ is an exciting and valuable place for our engineers and specialist professionals to build their careers.

We implement individual and group professional development programmes to enable our people to grow professionally and personally, including dynamic forums in design, creative thinking and general wellbeing, as well as regular technical training and assessment.

We employ an array of ancillary professionals who support the work of our engineers thereby enabling us to deliver on a unique methodology with greater sensitivity to architectural design, a thorough on going knowledge of the latest and best technology on the market, and superior client servicing.

Our work environments are designed to allow our professionals to create solutions without constraints. They are flexible, aesthetically exciting spaces that facilitate all types of approaches to engineering design.

We provide inspirational leadership to our teams of professionals, encouraging great collegiality and innovative problem solving for the best, most cost effective engineering solution on every facet of every project.