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Who we are

Medland Engineering is a unique building services engineering consultancy committed to engineering excellence and delivering service that exceeds our client’s expectations. At our core is a passion for great design.

Founded in 1987, Medland Engineering is an international practice comprising a network of offices located in Australia and the United Kingdom/Europe.

We offer independent advice, conceptual design, design development, documentation and construction administration of the full range of building services engineering including environmental design, mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulic/public health and vertical transportation.

The secret to our success is our commitment to constant improvement and our dogged pursuit of excellence.

We embrace each project, developing a detailed understanding of the client’s aspirations and the architectural design. This drives our engineering solutions. We survey all clients and stakeholders at key milestones and we use that information to drive change and create improvement. We strive for the best outcome on every project, and proactively build long term relationships based on respect, trust, service and loyalty. Our senior people remain accessible, approachable and responsible.

Medland Engineering cultivates an organisational structure that allows our people to thrive. With our tailored programme, Empower, we nurture creativity and expertise. We believe that inspired engineering is a product of the rich environment in which our team operates and we explore the influences, ideas and skills that enable us to realise goals as an enterprise.

Our work environments are designed to allow our professionals to create solutions without constraints. They are flexible, aesthetically exciting spaces that facilitate all types of approaches to engineering design.

We provide inspirational leadership to our teams of professionals, encouraging great collegiality and innovative problem solving for the best, most cost effective engineering solution on every facet of every project.

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