2016  celebrates 30 years with the name change  Medland Engineering for all Australian Offices This subtle but strategic shift marked the... READ MORE




A new dawn with the implementation of our ‘face the World Head On’ strategy complete, we began 2014 with a raft of new and... READ MORE


The process of reinvigorating our core values and how they were delivered continued. Excellence in every aspect of our business was the only... READ MORE


25 years…. who would have thought! A whole new business environment was encountered and whilst our clients still required the same... READ MORE


London moved again, having outgrown our old digs. The new Studio at 200 St John Street was previously the home of Mother Advertising, and... READ MORE


Each office started their Inspired Engineering journey spawned from our Empower programme. Inspired Engineering became the focal point of... READ MORE


The London Office relocated to a new design studio at 56 Compton Street as the team and work grew. Our impressive client list and reputation... READ MORE


Our numbers reached 85 globally! And just as the World’s bubble burst, the London office charged up a gear or two.... READ MORE


From Medland Mitropoulos to Medland Metropolis, we celebrated our 20th year. Late 2007 also saw the opening of our office in London with... READ MORE


We opened our small outpost in Auckland, New Zealand. Nick Crace and Iain McKern entered the share register and became Directors in the... READ MORE


The Brisbane office relocated to 936 Stanley Street East, Woolloongabba, in November of this year.... READ MORE


$5 million turnover for the first time. Medland Mitropoulos Melbourne opened in October of this year. By December, there were three staff... READ MORE


Our first full time architects and interior designers were employed, not to design but to be our translators of the design intensions. We... READ MORE


Peter Mitropoulos moved onto other adventures with Chris Medland becoming the sole owner of Medland Mitropoulos.... READ MORE


The Sydney office relocated to 47 Murray Street, Pyrmont, in November of this year. Consolidated, we were now three times the size we were... READ MORE


What had taken 12 years to achieve in Brisbane took 18 months to achieve in Sydney. Our numbers between the two offices grew to 23 permanent... READ MORE


January – Medland Mitropoulos Sydney office opened in serviced offices at 203 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, Sydney, Australia. The... READ MORE


First year our turnover exceeded $1 million and work began to occur in Sydney. Largely tenancy fitout works with clients who had moved from... READ MORE


Medland Mitropoulos celebrated its 10th year. Quote from Chris Medland, “If I’m still doing this in another 10 years, someone put me out... READ MORE


Reinforcement of the Brisbane market to prepare for the opening of the Sydney office. We also set up our first email accounts – though... READ MORE


Medland Mitropoulos began to bring architects into our own offices to explain to our people why they did what they did and what they were... READ MORE


The Medland Mitropoulos logo as we know it was born. Our passion for Innovation was our trademark. The development of our brand of... READ MORE


Moved into the new studio and our numbers grew during this year to seven.... READ MORE


Chris and Peter bought a disused shoe factory at 109 Commercial Road, Teneriffe, Brisbane. It was our first foray into providing a unique... READ MORE


Fourth person enticed to join Medland Metropolis (another Engineer!).... READ MORE


A blur.... READ MORE


Medland Mitropoulos is now three with the welcome addition of an administrator. 50% growth in staff!... READ MORE


We did mostly small projects, a few restaurants, a school, mixed use residential buildings and some design for other consultancies. We... READ MORE


Medland Mitropoulos Consulting Engineers was launched by Christopher Medland and Peter Mitropoulos in November 1987. The office was located... READ MORE