Qantas Joey Club

Interior designer GEYER DESIGN
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health

The Joey Club, located directly within the Qantas Sydney Airport workplace, is the first Qantas Child Care Centre development boasting excellent facilities for Qantas employees.

Medland Metropolis worked in partnership with Geyer Design in the role of the design, documentation and contract administration of the Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire engineering services.

Being a high level warehouse space, one of the greatest challenges was to provide an exposed ductwork and lighting solution to complement the soft, playful and nurturing childcare environment.

Medland Metropolis achieved this by utilizing sustainable systems and equipment such as VRF air conditioning which provided the ability to control multiple environments to suit differing comfort conditions at any given time.

To meet the challenge that this offered, we utilised a fabric duct to distribute to the conditioned air and also designed continuous fluorescent lighting within the duct to provide the low level ambient light throughout the space. The glowing fabric ductwork was suspended at a high level and then combined with scattered dimmable pendants which allow for lighting adjustments to suit the activities of the children.

Through the combination of Geyer Designs interior design and the Medland Metropolis Building services design, an environment that nurtures creativity and fun was produced.