Architect Farnan Findlay
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health

Medland Metropolis worked with Farnan Findlay Architects to design renewable building services for this rural company retreat.

Isolated from all standard town utilities, Medland Metropolis systems designs delivered all the energy requirements of the house without loss of amenity.

Powered by roof mounted solar cells, which are augmented by a wind generator for cloudy days, the amenities include televisions, a clothes washer, dryer, flushing toilets and a gas oven and stove.

Four large steel rainwater tanks, with a capacity of 100,000litres each, flank the house and provide a reservoir so deep and dark that they eliminate the need for water purification.

Laguna Retreat was featured on The World’s Greenest Homes in 2009.