ITOCHU, Broadgate Tower Levels 15 & 16

Architect HLW
Project Manager Savills
Area 24,000 SQFT
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health
Specialist lighting

ITOCHU is involved in domestic trading, import/export and overseas trading; they also invest in businesses in Japan and overseas.   Our appreciation of Category A and Category B design integration was invaluable during lease negations and landlord approvals. We worked tirelessly with Broadgate estates to make sure our clients’ needs were not compromised with timely landlord approvals. To ensure we incorporated all the clients’ needs and aspirations we used our fit for purpose briefing documents which ensured we understood the client’s requirements. We used our Inspiration team to help design visual presentations to communicate back our ideas in a visual manner, to compliment our succinct written report. Each subsidiary company had different requirements in regards to IT, access control and security. However the aesthetics of the fitout were to be consistent. Centralised spaces, including the reception, breakout and main breakout allowed cross over areas to serve all the companies, while specific requirements were designed for each companies dedicated area. ITOCHU’s high cooling requirements for the communications room was challenging to deliver due to the height of the building. To overcome this we completed very detailed calculations to ensure the refrigerant pipework runs could be met. Pump drainage was not encouraged by the landlord and the location of central teapoints where not ideal for gravity drainage. We provided input in to the design of the joinery to ensure that gravity drainage was concealed and the design was not compromised.