Four Seas Restaurant, VS Sports Bar & Rainbow Karaoke

Architect BY Architects
Builder Harris HMC
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health
Specialist lighting

Medland Metropolis were proud to be involved in this exciting entertainment precinct project in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, involving the development of a restaurant, a sports bar, and a karaoke bar and rooms. Given the types of venues involved, there was a strong focus on specialist lighting and audio visual equipment, whilst also providing full design for mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services.

As these three venues were all within an existing building, a lot of coordination was required for services integration with the existing tenancies. The karaoke bar was constructed with double ceilings to increase the acoustic isolation between rooms, which put greater pressure on the available space for services meaning creative solutions needed to be found.

Working closely with the architect, we were able to work through any obstacles that came up, including translation of documents that were received from China, resulting in a bright and lively addition to the Bourke Street precinct.