BMW, Trivett Classic Showroom

Area 2,400 sqm
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation

BMW are a high end luxury vehicle manufacturer who required an impressive showroom and office space for their notable products. The new building is 2,400sqm and boasts a double height vehicle display area with a structurally glazed fa├žade. Medland Metropolis collaborated with Turner and Associates to develop full design and documentation for the Mechanical and Electrical services packages.

During the 2 year project, we maintained a strong presence with the architects to assist them during each project phase. In the early design stages, we collaborated with the architect to help drive the cohesion between the architectural design and services design. As the project progressed, we presented many services solutions to complement the architectural design development until a solid collaborative services solution was achieved for the building and the client. Although the approval process was difficult due to changing client guidelines, our discreet Mechanical services installation and striking lighting designs highly complemented the BMW image.

The BMW Showroom is a spectacular building which considerably lifts the aesthetic level of car showrooms in Australia.