Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

Architect Maddison Architects
Client Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership
Value $14M
Data, IT & communications
Engineering advisory
Engineering design & documentation
Fire protection
Hydraulic/public health
Specialist lighting

The Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership envisioned a state-of-the art facility to motivate, inspire and support adult learning and development. Maddison Architects’ design, fusing heritage with contemporary, promises architecture that intrigues and delights users. Working closely with the architect and the end user client, Medland Metropolis provided the integrated building services solutions.

Key to the design criteria and presenting unique design constraints was that nothing could be affixed to heritage walls and ceilings, or even to some of the contemporary elements such as a concrete ceiling in the auditorium. The devised solution concealed services within bespoke internal steel structures and created features of other lighting such as vertical lighting bars with uplighting spotlights and LED lights within hand rails. Innovative integration with architectural design included use of tie rods to suspend track lighting. For ongoing maintenance, the result achieves safety by minimizing number of fittings installed at heights and on ceilings.

The architectural design included elements such as angular spaces, suspended ceiling panels and a variety of cutouts, adding to the complexity of lighting, mechanical and fire services layouts. The lighting design modelled unique solutions for illumination performance, appropriate to the proposed use of the space. The lighting design offers a contrasting play of light and dark, intimately entwined with the vision for intrigue and discovery. Additionally, zone delineation was achieved by the integrated design of architectural elements and lighting. For example, lighting design created a relaxed mood in the break out zones in contrast to an energizing mood in the teacher’s lounge.

Achieving the brief cost effectively required a detailed understanding of the intended use and mood to be created for each space. With this rigorous attention to detail, our design ensured that all services were appropriately specified. Further efficiencies were also achieved by Medland Metropolis’ integration of all the building services design, including extensive distributed and inter connected audio visual systems.

We wish to congratulate Maddison Architects on being awarded two commendations for this project by AIA, in the categories of heritage architecture and for public alterations and additions.

“We have been impressed by Medland Metropolis’ dynamic and professional approach to the design, working closely with ourselves and the architects to faithfully deliver upon our vision. Our project presented unique challenges that the team from Medland Metropolis resolved these challenges and executed integrated solutions to above and beyond our expectations. Further, we appreciated the high level of consultation and communication from the Medland Metropolis team, including their use of specialist staff, such as a Creative and Technical Advocate, who ensured that our vision was achieved.”
-Bruce Armstrong, Director, Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development