10 December 2013

This is budget accommodation as it was never intended – Medland Metropolis is currently providing design services for the development of a ‘flashpackers’ in cosmopolitan St Kilda. This will be another venture from the Melbourne family that was awarded the 2013 Victorian Tourism Award for Best Backpacker Accommodation for their existing brand, Space Hotel.

The building will contain approximately 81 rooms located on a 340sqm site.

This new hotel concept will offer a higher level of amenity than your average budget hotel or backpackers, but a lesser amenity than in a standard hotel. The smart rooms will feature iPod-docking stations, flat screen TVs, as well as common spaces to play games and watch movies, workout and lounge around.

In the absence of sufficient ceiling voids for the ventilation system, Medland Metropolis designed a centrally ventilated mechanical system wherein outside air is drawn through the common corridors. This design enabled us to conceal the smoke detection and fire isolation to the rooms, while still providing a neat solution that delivers good air flows without the typical ducting in the ceiling void. For our Grey Street Client this is just another design advantage toward the viability and of this flashpackers in the dense tourist district of St Kilda.