6 January 2013

Following on from his Lights for The Blind exhibition at Customs House – Sydney in 2010, Project Engineer Rob Caslick’s new form of signage using LED lights to write braille has been displayed this year in Melbourne and Sydney, with a goal to reach Brisbane early 2013.

Did you know, 90% of people who are blind see light?

cBraille aims to raise the public awareness of people living with vision impairments and to showcase the practical application that is cSigns.

Braille is only useful, when you know how to find it. Use your light perception to locate the braille and your fingers to read it. You may even be able to read the braille with your eyes.

Visitors will walk through the exhibition, housed in a shipping container, and hear students from the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children Teleschool answer the question, “what does light mean to me?”

The exhibition is being held in a custom built shipping container and aims to raise awareness of the benefits of light for people with vision impairments.

cBraille is a collaboration between Medland Metropolis, experiential design firm e-2, construction company Built and Signaction.

cBraille is also the winner of the Sydney Design Award – Best Installation for 2012 for the Customs House exhibition – congratulations Rob!