Bringing Projects to Life with BIM Modeling, Sydney NSW Australia

15 February 2012

Medland Metropolis is working with McLachlan Lister, Jackson Teece, DP Consultants and Cundall Australia to deliver a 40% reduction in energy usage as part of the Stage 2 development and refurbishment of the Sir Moses Montfiore Retirement Village, Sydney. The project encompasses an extension of the 6-star facility to include an additional 200-bed full residential care capability; additional dementia care facilities, plus an extension to the hydrotherapy facility, as well as additional retail and parking.

Medland Metropolis’ Production studio has delivered documentation using data-rich 3D modeling with the use of Revit software. The software enables the scheduling of all plant and equipment so that it can be identified on the model with specifications and maintenance requirements. This facility enhances the entire management of the project particularly during the construction phase and into the post construction facilities management.

Using Revit to generate animations and photorealistic renders, Medland Metropolis is able to bring its engineers’ designs to life offering clients and project teams a better understanding of the designs. Utilising built-in clash detection, Medland Metropolis provides models that are fully coordinated across all engineering services. With the use of intermediary software (IFC files), it is possible to collaborate with Architects and other consultants working with alternative platforms, including Archicad and Microstation.

The Medland Metropolis team are passionate about embracing new technologies to obtain the best services for its clients and the best results for every project. To hear more about how our engineering can enhance your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us on  [email protected]