Bridging Sustainable Design with Generation Investment Management, London

21 March 2013

Generation Investment Management has turned their broad focus on sustainability into a reality in their new corporate headquarters in the AirW1 development of London’s West End. This exciting fitout gained a SKA Gold rating and is short listed for the Architect of the Year Awards 2012 for Environmental Excellence.

Generation Investment Management commissioned a fitout that would provide an attractive new office space for its growing business and reflect in real terms its commitment to sustainability. Throughout the project Generation directed the Medland Metropolis team to focus on energy saving and efficiency first; if this led to achieving a high SKA accreditation that would be a bonus. Medland Metropolis team closely monitored designs and instructions ensuring all specifications of MEP equipment fell within sustainability best practice and benchmarked against the SKA guidelines of the energy and water technology lists. In addition, re-using existing services, plant and equipment wherever possible kept costs to a minimum. Working within a tight time-frame, the team work-shopped the designs during construction and developed solutions that are adaptable to change and future use. This will help maximise the life-cycle of the fitout. The fitout was designed to allow the client to accurately monitor and manage their energy usage, highlighting areas of importance and providing Generation with the information necessary to introduce energy saving behavioural and equipment changes.