Appreciate – The story so far

13 February 2015

As the Appreciate stream of our Empower programme celebrates its first anniversary we take a look at how our employees have been rewarding each other and the impact this new Empower stream has had on our company culture.

Implemented in February 2014, the Appreciate stream of Empower is dedicated to recognising and rewarding our employees for the great things they do. We have teamed up with a leading international experience gift website to use their recognition program as a tool in the work space to give our employees exactly what they want. The programme is designed to allow peers, as well as managers, to reward one another with points for demonstrating the Medland Engineering values of Innovation, Passion and Service. These points can then be redeemed for experiences of their choice.

The Story so far:

A grand total of 440 rewards given!
SERVICE has been a stand out with 57% of peer to peer rewards over the past 12 months attributed to outstanding service, both within the office and for our clients . The office that have received the most recognition so far is the CAD/Production office in Brisbane who took out a whopping 38% of all peer to peer rewards.

Many EPIC experiences have been enjoyed – including pampering, weekend getaways, shark diving, quad biking (image left) and more!

The addition of this stream has had a massive impact on our employee engagement by ensuring employees are recognised and appreciated for their efforts. We look forward to seeing what experiences are enjoyed over the next 12 months.

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