5 minutes with Said Al-Zebdeh

5 August 2015

As part of our internal celebration of Australian Engineering Week we took 5 minutes to sit down with one of our younger engineers who joined us as a Graduate in 2013 after completing work experience with us earlier that year.

Said, Electrical Engineering is a broad field, what led you to choose building services?
During my UTS Bachelors degree I was offered a six month internship within the lighting control industry. At the time I was dealing with Electrical Engineering designs and chatting to engineers. My work at the time was installing lighting control designed by engineers. I was fascinated by the idea of designing electrical works on projects. As soon as my internship ended I realised that my passion lay in design and consulting. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Medland Metropolis?
My role involves designing power, lighting, communication, security and audio visual services. The wide range of activities is valuable for my progression as an engineer. I enjoy discussing client requirements and designing to meet their needs. The best part of the role is working with a team of experienced engineers and constantly learning new things every day.

Do you have a favourite¬† project that you’ve worked on so far?
I have been working on AMP Circular Quay for the past two years, during this time I have dealt with the client, architect, services engineers and contractors, which has exposed me to a variety of different professions. The thing I have really enjoyed about this project is designing for an activity based working environment.

How has Medland Metropolis assisted you in your career development as an engineer?
Engaging me with experienced mentors has led to a rapid development of my experience. Because of my mentors, I now see my self as a competent and reliable electrical engineer. The Empower program has exposed me to new ideas, innovative ways of thinking and improving communication skills.

What would be your advice for graduates thinking about moving into building services engineering?
My advice to graduates is to seek building services internships during their bachelors degree. This will assist in understanding the industry and future expectations. Working in the building services industry will expose graduates to innovation, modern design and creativity. As a graduate you should remember that becoming a professional designer requires a massive investment in time and hard work. Never give up.

My mentor once said that this industry is all about “Engineering the world, one building at a time”