5 Minutes with Mitch Lock

6 August 2015

As part of our internal celebration of Australian Engineering Week we took 5 minutes to sit down with one of our younger engineers who joined us as a Graduate in Feb 2014 after completing work experience with us in 2013.

What led you to choose building services?
Well, to be honest I just fell into it. While in my final year of study I went in search of some work experience in fields I didn’t really know much about, just to get a taste of what was out there. I quickly found my feet in building services and haven’t looked back. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Medland Metropolis?
For me one of the most rewarding things about building services is being able to see the end result and the satisfaction of the end user. Working as a Design Engineer in building services has also given me the chance to challenge myself, think outside box and come up with innovative solutions to problems I never thought could be solved. To spot a building on the city skyline and know you have contributed to it in some way is very fulfilling.

Do you have a favourite  project that you’ve worked on so far?
My favourite project so far is the Colliers Office Fitout on Level 30, 111 Eagle St, which is actually one of the first projects where I was handed the reins to design the the mechanical services myself.  This wasn’t the biggest or the most complex project I have worked on, but being given the opportunity to contribute to and see the inner workings of one of Brisbane’s most iconic and sustainable buildings was an awesome experience. 

How has Medland Metropolis assisted you in your career development as an engineer?
One of the greatest aspects about working at Medland Metropolis is the diversity of projects we see come in the door. Being quite a small team here in Brisbane I have been given many opportunities to challenge myself and be exposed to a variety of different roles and tasks. We have a very tight group and a very open working culture so there has been an endless amount of support throughout my learning.

What would be your advice for graduates thinking about moving into building services engineering?
Seek opportunities and expose yourself. Internships and work experience will give you the chance to work in a fast paced, hands on and innovative engineering field. To get a foothold in the industry is invaluable and you need to take advantage of these experiences. Make use of your second and third degree connections, these are the people that will present you with the best opportunities.