Medland Engineering is dedicated to assisting our employees to achieve their personal best and meet their career ambitions. We understand that our people are our biggest asset. Accordingly, Medland Engineering designs and implements a tailored programme of training and development for all employees called Empower.

The aim of the Empower programme is to promote continuous improvement in all of our people, not only in the way we do our business, but also to encourage and support our staff to develop their potential as holistic professionals. The Empower programme has four streams; Educate, Innovate, Cultivate and Appreciate.


The Educate stream is dedicated to achieving the best match between our people and their role at Medland Engineering. We approach career development as a responsibility which is best shared between the organisation and the individual. Educate incorporates a tailored programme for each individual, which is designed to meet their particular strengths and embrace their career aspirations. Each individual programme incorporates ‘Lunch box Sessions’ with visiting experts, external and internal training courses as well as internal one-on-one sessions with a mentor and annual skills assessments in order to track growth and development as a professional in their field.


The Innovate stream of the Empower programme is expressed through ME Time. In these bi-annual sessions, each member of the team is challenged to follow their passions and to push boundaries. ME Time mixes it up unleashing each individual from their daily routine to pursue personal and team projects that support new levels of inspiration and develop their inner resources as an innovative professional. The programme aims to enable free thinking; to allow the mind to innovate and create without restriction. Our ‘Lunch Box” sessions are engineering forums that focus on new design ideas.


The Cultivate stream is dedicated to nurturing each individual’s capacity to contribute to work, family, friends and community. Cultivate concentrates on personal practices and aspects of physical, emotional and psychological welfare. The objective of Cultivate has always been to establish an environment and culture that optimises the balance between work and personal needs for the entire team at Medland Engineering.


The Appreciate stream is dedicated to recognising and rewarding our employees for the great things they do. We have teamed up with leading international experience gift websites and are using these as a tool in the work space in order to give our employees exactly what they want. The programme is designed to allow peers, as well as managers, to award one another when the Medland Engineering values of Innovation, Passion and Service are demonstrated.