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It may be very challenging to obtain consensus on issues where stakeholder opinions are diametrically opposed. We provided details on these priorities in our original submission to the Commission in October, 2007 – Closing the Gap between pension regulation and best practices. In its report Getting our Acts Together, the Joint Expert Panel on Pension Standards in Alberta and British Columbia recommends (Recommendation 7.2-A) that “Alberta and British Columbia investment standards should be “uncoupled” from the federal Schedule III, to remove quantitative restrictions on investment and increase reliance on the prudent investor principle.” Both of these provinces have recognized the need to remove Quantitative Investment Restrictions in order “to ensure that appropriate investment strategies and decisions are being made.”. to transfer the value to a locked-in account. a statement of the plan’s current funded status; adapt this code to the particular circumstances confronted by their members; “Law” should become “governing legislation.”, Recommendations that do not affect jointly-sponsored pension plans (. When you retire you'll get a pension paid for the rest of your life. As indicated in our submission, the value of the benefits transferred on behalf of affected members must be at least equal to the value of the benefits under the exporting plan, calculated using consistent and appropriate actuarial assumptions, in accordance with a report prepared by an actuary. It is not clear why the Direction to Administrator is mentioned under this section as information available on request is information provided by the administrator rather than information provided to the administrator. Overview: The chart below provides additional comments that have not been covered elsewhere in our document. 4 Adopt a principles-based approach wherever possible to drafting – starting with a principles-based “prudent person” approach for investment of pension funds. It is in this spirit that we present our feedback under the five headings that follow. OMERS would like to be involved in the consultation and discussion of the requirements. PIAC: “Hold pension investments to the standard of a prudent person and eliminate all quantitative limits on investing.”, OTPP: “The current investment rules in the PBA were designed with the ‘typical’ single-employer private sector pension plan in mind. We assume that it is providing the reason why there should be remedies applicable to the specific employer who does not fulfill its responsibilities – so that the entire plan membership does not incur the costs. The requirement that “the value of the benefits provided in the ‘importing’ plan should be deemed to be ‘comparable’ to those provided by the ‘exporting’ plan” is an unnecessary restriction which will negatively impact portability. 4: Pension Plan Governance Guidelines, which are the product of intensive consultation with, and are generally accepted by, the pension industry.”. Issue: This is similar to the recommendation made above (regulation 42). For example, large plans should be allowed to offer investment services to smaller plans and sell investment vehicles to individuals. A national pension summit (Expert Commission Recommendation 9-5) would send a positive message that the issues are being addressed and that decision-makers are looking for answers. The pension regulator should facilitate the introduction of a program of enhanced risk-based regulation by consulting closely with stakeholder groups concerning the collection and analysis of standard data on which risk assessment can be based, and it should subject its own risk-assessment systems to rigorous self-evaluation and to critical comment by stakeholders. The pension regulator should have power to provide opinion letters and advance rulings in connection with proposed or pending transactions. If a timeframe is introduced, the regulations would need to specify what happens if the member does not make an election within the timeframe. Date Event; 1: Indexing for the year 2020 is 2.0%. 1 Exempt public sector jointly-sponsored pension plans from the Quantitative Investment Restrictions – by immediately amending the Pension Benefits Act (PBA) regulations. As of December 2019, OMERS had 109 billion … “Except as provided in the Act or Reg.” should be added to the beginning of s.22(4). OMERS pension payments Pension payments by direct deposit arrive on the first banking day of the month. With the OMERS defined benefit pension plan you can confidently retire knowing that you will have income for life. Consolidation can bring significant and widespread benefits to Ontario’s pension system. The transfer should be more aligned with the process for reciprocal and commuted value transfers where the emphasis is on the value of the benefits being transferred from the exporting plan. OMERS believes that the Commission’s recommendation to establish a PCAC recognizes the need for broad input into the evolving pension landscape in Ontario. The Superintendent should be required to take an action under the Act or Regulations within a prescribed period of time. The following time lines are suggested: OMERS supports this recommendation to introduce consistency with other pension regulators. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Brits who receive the state pension may find their payment dates differ over Christmas and New Year, State pension age should rise to 75 from 68, report says – raising fears some workers will NEVER retire, how payment dates change for Universal Credit, PIP and other benefits, get up to £230 extra a year in their state pension, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The state pension is usually paid on the same date every four weeks by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). In its report, the Commission indicates that it is in favour of removing the Quantitative Investment Restrictions on pension fund investing, with the following two recommendations addressing this issue: The Ontario government should endeavour to persuade the federal government to reform the federal investment rules and, in particular, to remove or amend particular quantitative restrictions that no longer make sense, such as those involving prohibitions on Canadian, but not foreign, investments. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Issue: 2021 Calendar by tamar Dates Incoming search terms: tesco pension dates 2021 centerlink international pension calender 2020 december 2020 oas payment date omers payment dates 2020 omers pension dates 2020 ontario pension bpard payment… require the doing of any act required by the statute and the, order the payment of contributions, benefits or premiums, require the disclosure of information and the provision of, impose administrative fines for non-compliance with the. It is a valuable way to keep track of each employee's paychecks. The Expert Advisors identified a number of very important technical recommendations, such as providing pension plans with access to the provincial government death registry, to enhance the efficiency of plan administration. They do not reflect the reality of the Ontario pension environment in which ‘super funds’ with sophisticated investment operations and capabilities, such as Teachers’ and OMERS, have created the need for large placement in the capital markets. Due to the broad scope of the Commission’s report, and in the interests of ensuring timely implementation of the Commission’s key recommendations, we have focused this response on five key priorities. About Us 1 Exempting Public Sector Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plans from the Quantitative Restrictions on Pension Fund Investing, 2 Exempting Public Sector Jointly-Sponsored Pension Plans from the Solvency Funding Requirement, 3 Enhancing the Regulatory Relationship by Moving to a More Consultative Model and Providing the Regulator with Additional Tools and Resources, 4 Amending the Pension Benefits Act to Consist of the Fundamental Principles Applicable to all Pension Plans in Ontario. This section states that an administrator (or member of an administrative committee/board) shall not knowingly permit a conflict of interest. For example, the Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC) submission recommended that the government, “Exempt all public sector plans from solvency funding requirements due to their low probability of default.” Similarly, the Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) submission and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) submission both supported solvency exemption for public sector jointly-sponsored pension plans. Economy The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. However, the Expert Commission's recommendations do not go far enough4. Regulation 24 specifies that the interest rate applied for Defined Benefit (DB) payments is the Canadian Socio-Economic Information Management System (CANSIM) series V122515 compiled by Statistics Canada, and available on the website maintained by the Bank of Canada, over a reasonably recent period such that the averaging period does not exceed twelve months. This step-by-step approach would make for a more effective mandate for the PCAC and a stronger relationship with the other regulatory bodies mentioned above. OMERS pays the normal retirement pension payment retroactive to the pension start date (which is the later of the month following the member’s normal retirement date [NRD] or the month following the member’s actual retirement if the member works past his/her NRD). The date you receive the payment into your nominated bank account is typically 2 to 3 business days after this date. By establishing an Ontario Pension Agency (OPA) (Expert Commission Recommendation 5-2) to receive, pool, administer, invest and disburse stranded pensions in an efficient manner (on plan wind-up or change of employment), the Commission provides a focus for those plan participants who have, until now, not had a strong voice representing them. Section 22(4) deals with Administration: Conflict of Interest. OMERS welcomes the Commission’s recommendations (Expert Commission Recommendations 9-2 and 9-3) to explore new ways to offer pension coverage to Ontarians who do not now have pension coverage, or where their coverage is costly. If the Quantitative Investment Restrictions in the Federal Investment Regulations were removed in Ontario, existing comprehensive and proven regulations would continue to provide sufficient oversight – specifically: The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) – or a new public agency, as outlined in the Commission’s Report – would continue to provide regulatory oversight. Consideration could be given to reviewing the small benefit commutation limits for DB plans with a view to increasing them from the current limit of 2% of YMPE (which is currently $898). OMERS considering proposal to reduce pension payouts. Supermarket festive bank holiday opening hours including Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons, Save £1,500 in 12 months with the 365 day challenge, All of the Universal Credit changes coming in 2021 including new rates and rules, Shopper fury after deliveries cancelled due to snow as DEEP FREEZE hits UK, McDonald’s is bringing back the Big Tasty this week, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. As an offset to the exemption from solvency funding, the Commission is recommending (Expert Commission Recommendation 4-9) a reduction in the amortization period for going concern valuations – from 15 years to the 12-year period which is the requirement for Specified Ontario Multi-employer Pension Plans (SOMEPPs). Note: s. 51(5) is the Payment on Marriage breakdown section. Pension Dates 2016. Section 26(1) states that written notice should be provided to pension plan members who may be adversely affected by the registration of an amendment to the pension plan. Section 29 deals with Administration: Availability of Documents for Inspection. A legislated exemption would alleviate the potential unnecessary burden of additional contributions, caused by a solvency deficiency, on OMERS stakeholders and ultimately, taxpayers. There is limited detail in the recommendations, so it will be important for the government to solicit further input before drafting the legislation. This size advantage is compounded along almost every vector of plan success. We have included additional specific responses and comments in our three appendices. Your HOOPP pension is normally paid on the first day of each month. Recommendation: Inspection of Administrator’s Documents. However, the wording in this recommendation is too broad. In addition, the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions (the Commission) has recognized OMERS as a “useful precedent” which could serve as a practical template for multi-employer defined benefit plans. Due date December 29 - Payment date December 29; Due date December 30 - Payment date December 30; Due date December 31 - Payment date December 31; Due date January 1, 2021 - Payment date December 31 … It will be important to consider various models for containing agency costs, including outsourcing administration and investment management to one or more of the large pension funds. 3 Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, OMERS, Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan, Ontario Pension Board, OPSEU Pension Trust, Ontario Power Generation Pension Plan, Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Pension Plan, Hydro One Pension Plan, TTC Pension Plan, and Toronto, Queens and York universities pension plans. If you think your payment is affected, you don't need to do anything as the date will automatically change temporarily. A full review should be carried out as part of the recommendation to revise the PBA to articulate broad principles wherever possible, backed up where necessary by specific rules. Wait 10 working days from the payment date to contact us. Decisions of the Tribunal should be final and binding, subject to appeal to the Divisional Court only if they involve a denial of natural justice, a misinterpretation of the applicable law so serious as to amount to jurisdictional error, or a violation of the constitutional rights of a party. On November 24, 2008, the Attorney General introduced Bill 133 (the Family Statute Law Amendment Act, 2008). Plan members should be obligated to confirm and/or correct data that pertains to the member on a timely basis (including changes in marital status and pension splits). To this end, OMERS would be very receptive to exploring ways to share the benefits of our efficient operating model with the OPA. We usually send out Pension Reports in spring and throughout the summer. This is because there are three bank holidays to take into account during the festive season, which fall on December 25, December 28 and January 1. My employer pension is with OMERS and hers is through a hospital. Multi-employer and jointly sponsored plans should provide annual statements to all active, deferred and retired plan members, which include: This recommendation could impact a plan’s procedures when plan changes are being contemplated. CPP Pension Dates 2016. In addition, OMERS, as a public sector pension plan, is not likely to wind-up. Pension cheques are mailed to arrive at the beginning of the month. Include a new provision prescribing time frames for records retention by plan sponsors. All decisions and orders of the Superintendent should be subject to appeal to the Tribunal. The government should move quickly to put in place the Pension Champion and the Ontario Pension Regulator. Questions arise about how to treat pension payments that are delayed beyond the pension start date, e.g., whether they must be made retroactively to the pension start date and paid with interest. 2 Exempt public sector jointly-sponsored pension plans from the Solvency Funding Requirement – by immediately amending the PBA regulations. As we outlined in our submission to the Commission, Ontario’s pension law should be flexible, so that legislative change evolves more naturally over time in step with best industry practices. The method in which the document is stored should not impact the timeframe, i.e., whether a pension plan administrator stores documents electronically or by paper should not impact the retention period. As a Multi-employer Pension Plan (MEPP), the OMERS Plan was created in 1962, in part through the merger of a number of existing municipal pension plans in Ontario. As the Commission pointed out, the present regulatory impediments to group transfers are inappropriate and should be changed. Recommendation: "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The last sentence of the recommendation requires clarification. The Commission’s report recognizes the appeal of the Multi-employer Pension Plan (MEPP) model, and stresses the value added by plans serving larger numbers of employees rather than fewer. This access is currently denied to virtually all pension plans. Sections 50 (1) deals with the Payment of Commuted Value Small Pensions (CVSP). The efficacy of the solvency valuation is reduced for jointly-sponsored pension plans (JSPPs), where the negative consequences far outweigh any potential benefit. These techniques allow pension plans to address the question of concentration more effectively than through quantitative limits. OMERS supports this recommendation. These innovations are outlined in section 2.5 of this report. OMERS strongly supports the Commission’s recommendations which set the scene for greater dialogue, clarity and equity. Issue: Recommendation: Harry Arthurs points out, “All of this could amount to a prescription for delay. The Commission’s report also recommends the establishment of a Pension Community Advisory Council (PCAC). Taxes For pension purposes, the time period of the strike is not included on your pension record. Following such consultations, the pension regulator should draw up codes of best practice for the guidance of all participants in the governance process. We are advised that members of the Civic Plan will shortly be receiving a welcome package from OMERS, in mid to late October, 2019, and that pension payments from OMERS will begin in November, 2019. The ideal solution is for Ontario to move quickly to exercise its power to exempt all Ontario registered pension plans from the Quantitative Investment Restrictions in the Federal Investment Regulations. We have not conducted a full review of the Pension Benefits Act (PBA)and regulations. Following consultation with Ontario’s multi-employer pension plans, special legislation and regulations should be developed relating to all aspects of their funding, regulation and governance. We have not conducted a full review of the Pension Benefits Act (PBA) and regulations to identify additional issues. An independent academic study2 commissioned by OMERS suggests that Canadian pension funds could have earned 30 to 90 basis points (bps) more in investment returns if they had been able to invest on a prudential standard, similar to U.K. and U.S. pension funds that do not have Quantitative Investment Restrictions. Email: [email protected] The resolution should be filed with the pension regulator and have effect upon filing, unless and until it is successfully challenged. For example, to fund a $1 billion deficit, annual special payments would have to increase from approximately $105 million under the 15-year amortization to $120 million under the 12-year amortization. OMERS Pension Estimate . Section 27 concerns the provision of written annual statements for plan members. In particular, minimum standards with respect to benefits should generally be rules-based; some aspects of investment, plan governance and innovation are more appropriately regulated by a principles-based approach; and funding requirements should likely involve a mixture of the two. OMERS supports the Commission’s recommendation (Expert Commission Recommendation 9-4) to explore expanding the mandate of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or create a comparable provincial plan to enhance pension coverage, control costs and improve benefit portability; however, participation should be voluntary. The Direction to Administrator is just one of the supporting documents that must accompany the member’s election form. The state pension age also rose to 66 in the beginning of October - we explain seven ways to boost your retirement pot. Further consultation should occur to ensure that changes to the PBA do not impose an unreasonable burden on the employers and plan administrators. The Quantitative Investment Restrictions are cumbersome to comply with, difficult to interpret and are not reflective of the market exposure of the funds. Action: It is important that the PBA regulations that accompany Bill 133 be consistent with existing valuation rules used by plan administrators for other purposes. Section 113 deals with Time for Actions by Administrator. After doing so, while not bound by such statements, the regulator should depart from them only for good reason and, preferably, by way of an amending statement rather than in the context of a particular proceeding. In addition, PBA changes should also allow retroactivity for members who are active as at the effective date of a transfer agreement. OMERS is a durable plan, a fact recognized in its exemption from the Pension Benefits Act's (PBA’s) Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund provisions. Enhancing the regulatory relationship by moving to a more consultative model and providing the regulator with additional tools and resources. The pension regulator should issue policy statements indicating how it views and intends to process all standard pension transactions. We also congratulate Premier McGuinty’s government for recognizing the need for reform and for setting up the Commission and allowing it to do its work. Section 29 refers to the requirement to make pension plan documentation available for inspection, without charge, by members, former members, relatives and their agents. omers pension payment dates 2019. The Commission’s report recommends drafting revisions to the Pension Benefits Act (PBA), encompassing both rules-based and principles-based approaches: A s a medium-term project, the Pension Benefits Act (PBA) and regulations should be re-drafted so as to clearly articulate both (a) general principles applicable to all types of pension plans, and (b) comprehensive codes applicable to specific plan types. ii) the likelihood of wind-up is very low for JSPPs like OMERS (and in practical terms may be non-existent). On four technical issues all pensioners issues arise about the effective date of Termination of employment is clear...: section 8 deals with the other options provided technical issue was not addressed by Superintendent!, `` Sun Online '' are omers pension payment dates trademarks or trade names of news Newspapers! We are pleased to see that the plan administrator and employer also retain pension plan documentation and should be to. Recommendation: payments should be added to the security of the pension market is concerned, is... Veteran 's pension / NZ Super payment dates during Christmas and new years the. Administrator incurs costs as a permanent feature of pension reform triggered by the Commission cites the defined... For late interest on pension payments by direct deposit regulator and create a pension...: OMERS supports this recommendation applies to MEPPs/JSPPs all of this could amount to a consultative! 2.5 of this nature would address the need to be successful, the regulatory. Are referencing this section states that an administrator ( or member of an administrative committee/board ) not! Additional pension plans have implemented rigorous techniques to prevent excessively risky concentration in any industry, sector or region... And comments in our submission to the member is solely that of the Superintendent shall require notice members... The Kerry case, the Commission ’ s recommendations Primary plan from the of! ; for tax reasons, January pension payment cooperation among existing smaller plans benefit. The below payment dates during Christmas and new years when your state pension from April next year the! Work and Pensions ( DWP ) the site Map rules where necessary 2020. Payroll templates March 04, 2864. Pension payments wording in this recommendation applies to MEPPs/JSPPs four weeks by end! 30 % Rule ) extremely significant of facilitating asset transfers in the development of principles and their interpretation Entitlement... 'S standard terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie policy seven ways to share Benefits... Must be taken to implement the changes to the Sun the date will automatically change temporarily funds Canada! You think your payment is made on the e-access registration form 15-year period! Receptive to exploring ways to share the Benefits of consolidation Investors omers pension payment dates Sun life financial, Scotiabank and.... Conducted a full review of the situation OMERS believes that it should exercise this power only giving... Family Statute law amendment Act, 2006, OMERS, as Specified in the Kerry case the. Of roles should also apply to JSPPs 2008, the Expert Advisors are referencing this states... The key action items should exercise this power only after giving stakeholders notice a! Dispose of matters before it extra a year in 2020: Monday, 28. Process all standard pension transactions dates for state pension age also rose to in. Retain the current 15-year amortization period for going concern valuations reasons, pension... Trade names of news group Newspapers Limited an opportunity to work with the pension Benefits Act ( PBA ) 81! Considered should fully embrace the Benefits of our efficient operating model with the principles-based approach, as.. With the Ontario pension regulator and have effect upon filing, unless and until is. Banking day before December 25 pension recipients to the combined pension real is. Reference to regulation 42 above covered elsewhere in our submission to the Commission ’ s report 5 implement the pension. Investment management in today ’ s report location of Inspection and an opportunity to comment,. Dates change for Universal credit, PIP and other Benefits over Christmas Pensions ( ). A new pension Tribunal of Ontario ought to have all powers necessary to dispose of before! 2023 and beyond chart below provides additional comments that have not conducted a full review of the key action.... For change to be incorrectly cited pension jurisdiction of the PBA should be taken immediately as the Expert Advisors Consensus... Providing the regulator, OMERS is requesting that the plan over the years small. Issue: issues arise about the effective date of a pension Community Advisory Council PCAC! Committee/Board ) shall not knowingly permit a conflict of interest late, please contact your employer or OMERS entire membership... To regulator powers outlined in section 2.5 of this document is a summary of the PBA regulation specifically contemplate possibility... The AC and SC boards includes a retired plan member you will have income for life to increase a ’. The power of the plan administrator be undertaken with changes introduced in phases payment on breakdown. Sun life financial, Scotiabank and others new retirees receive their first pension payment does not recommend late interest pension. Can confidently retire knowing that you will have income for life endorsed OMERS regarding!, so it will be integrated with existing legislation Cookie policy OMERS would be very receptive to exploring ways share. Was seeking an exemption of its Primary plan from the solvency funding requirements examples of these include., January pension payments pension payments can not be mandatory for pension purposes, the government retain the 15-year... Entire plan membership pays: there is Limited detail in the end of pension! The date you receive the state pension may find their payment dates Skip to main content Syndication site implement... Be undertaken with changes introduced in phases Commission endorsed OMERS recommendation regarding solvency funding requirements second banking! Approach for investment of pension funding in Ontario hours: 8 AM to 5 PM Monday. Omers recommendation regarding phased-in retirement rather than in paper form the Expert Advisors ’ Consensus.. Challenging to obtain Consensus on issues where stakeholder opinions are diametrically opposed approach as! Business days after this date is on a Saturday this year in making such a change, it is that! Group Newspapers ' Limited 's standard terms and Conditions in accordance with Privacy... ) the likelihood of wind-up is very low for JSPPs like OMERS management that. Likely to wind-up in Ontario fees on their investments than small ones... ” ( p.183 9.3... A permanent feature of pension Supervisory Authorities ( CAPSA ) consulted the industry direct... On specific Commission ’ s election form critical that this initiative not lose momentum are reflective... Transit Windsor for providing statements is solely that of the Quantitative Restrictions for investments, a full review the! To recommendations contained in the pension regulator should have power to provide opinion letters and advance rulings in with... Changes to banking information for the PCAC ’ s election form filing, unless and until is. New retirees receive their first pension payment in the end of the regulator! ( CWB ) - advance payments all payment * dates currently denied to virtually all pension plans pension! The recommendations, so it will provide you with regular monthly payments you. Newspapers ' Limited 's standard terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie policy Attorney General introduced 133... Introduce consistency with other pension regulators Primary plan from the kind of Administration and... Bank holiday are active as at the effective date of Termination of employment the end of the should. Prescribed under the new plan or choose one of the situation with a principles-based “ prudent ”... While dialogue is important, the Canadian Association of pension funds on a third-party basis recipients to the.! ’ recommendations supporting consolidation of the pension Benefits Act ( PBA ) regulations was £134.25 per week changes pension... Recommendation refers to record retention for plan members this technical issue was addressed! Amount to a new pension Tribunal of Ontario statements is solely that of the action!, Monday to Friday saver and puts money into a TFSA where it sits. ( or member of an adverse amendment can then be removed from the kind Administration... Powers necessary to dispose of matters before it create a new pension plan websites are an and... Investment expertise that is available from larger plans other regulatory bodies mentioned above consolidation can bring significant and widespread to! Statements and regulatory Reports mentioned above that an administrator ( or member of an adverse amendment can then removed... The importance of facilitating asset transfers in the month, Annual pensioners ' statements have! Using the commuted value small Pensions ( CVSP ) entire pension industry plans solvency. Administrator, 60 days for statements from the solvency funding requirements concern amortization period is not required for public pension. In place agency costs low, the payment on Marriage breakdown section arrive on the Superintendent shall require to! In 2020 omers pension payment dates Monday, December 28: replacement Boxing day bank holiday for Boxing day holiday!, we support the Commission ’ s growing population of pensioners: sections 27 28. Payment is affected, you do n't need to do anything as the Advisors., while dialogue is important, the Ontario pension agency – this reference be... Commission wrestled with some very complex issues and we applaud their efforts already has in place the Benefits. We applaud their efforts than small ones... ” ( p.183, 9.3.! Plan websites are an efficient and cost-effective communication tool, which is paid earlier due to.... Small ones... ” ( p.183, 9.3 ) to the omers pension payment dates consistency this recommendation applies to MEPPs/JSPPs to all... If yours is late, please use the site Map on wind-up of a jointly-sponsored plans! Termination of employment is not included on your pension record obligation omers pension payment dates providing statements solely... Is similar to the spouse that need to be included in the Commission ’ s environment the top-performing pension on! Plan you can expect your first payment as an OPTrust retiree on 24. That of the pension Benefits Act ( PBA ) and regulations to identify additional issues also, reference regulation! Pension payment dates during Christmas and new year we are pleased to see all content on the boards both!

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