how to fix a heater

The best product to use for your heater core leak is the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer. It seems to run fine in cooler weather but when it’s hot out, that’s when I start having problems. What’s the most Important Car Maintenance. The symptoms you have described are common when a vehicle has a blown head gasket. Check electrical panel to be sure that circuit breaker is in the "On" position (not in tripped or off) or fuses (if... 2. Allow engine to cool. Thank you for asking about your Chrysler PT Cruiser. Thank you for asking about your Ford Explorer. Once it was fixed, I was never able to get rid of the antifreeze smell. I drive for a living so my car gets a lot of use. It has radiator cap and a supply tank attached to the radiator. The BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer is intended for use in 4 or 6 cylinder engines. If it turns out the heater core does indeed have a leak, you would be a great candidate for the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions. As long as you are not losing coolant too quickly, you would be a good candidate for the product. Here are some tips on fixing a Ford heater problem. As long as you are not losing fluid too quickly, and the vehicle will maintain idle for a full 50 minutes, you would be a great candidate for the product. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! How to Fix To fix the leaking drain valve on your water heater, tighten the valve. I have a 2012 Chevy Camaro RS which everything that is being described about the windows fogging up, the sweet smell (bothersome). BlueDevil Radiator Flush is perfect for removing grease, rust, grime and any other buildup that occurs during normal vehicle use. I do have heat, but it goes in and out at times. Based on your description, it does sound like you are experiencing a heater core leak. Does this mean, I have leaking heater? This hot coolant will quickly turn to steam in your car and will definitely cause an unpleasant odor. Thank you for asking about your Suzuki SX4. It is not intended to be used as a preventative measure/maintenance and should only be used to seal water/coolant leaks. Got car issues? Do i just pour this in my coolant resivoir to seal my heater cord. I have 97 Buick Century I’m not sure if I have a broken temorstat or a leak in the heating core or both. I have a 2001 dodge Durango 4.7 and i have a heater core leak that just steams and cause air to get in the system which product would work for me. So how much of the blue devil pour and go would I use and how do I mix it? Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions. This should stop the leak and should be fairly easy to access and replace. Please contact our tech support team at 888-863-0426 so that we may discuss the Blazer and the possible use of BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer. Disassemble a radiant electric heater: Unplug the heater and let it cool completely before disassembling it. Is the vehicle overheating at all? The article is informative and not imposing. Would it be beneficial to do a radiator flush before or after I use the product? Always start by checking engine coolant level. Cool Automotive Products and Tool Recommendations, Read AUTO REPAIR ARTICLES sorted by topic, Harsh shift, rough idle, GM service bulletin #PIP5446A, No start, no crank, start then stall on GM trucks, Custom Wordpress Website created by Wizzy Wig Web Design, Minneapolis MN. You can do this by simply by adding BlueDevil Pour-N-Go to your vehicle’s radiator when your vehicle is cold. You can simply drain the radiator and refill it with your regular 50/50 mix once the process is complete. Thank you for asking about your wife’s Chrysler Town & Country. Once the product seals, it is a permanent seal. Kinda like a hot wire. Where to start diagnosis with Ford heater issues. Are you able to determine just how quickly you are losing antifreeze at this point? The product does not contain any solid or particulate matter, so it is a non-clogging product. Based on your description, it doesn’t sound like you are losing antifreeze too quickly, so you would be a good candidate for the product. (it echoes off buildings that I drive by otherwise I would never notice it)..It’s very quiet when it’s idle. For a leaking heater core, we recommend using the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer ( They should run into the firewall near each other and one should connect to the engine near the water pump. I want to take it back to them, as it was over 1200$ to fix. The steam can also quickly spread through your ventilation system making it very difficult to remove the odor. I have Dodge Journey 2010, the air coming from the cabin hole close to the passenger is cold when I switch on the heater, while warm air still coming from the other holes, the technician said that the heater core is plugging up. Can I just add the BD leak fix to my coolant without removing the thermostat for a heater core leak or must I remove run 50 minutes, replace the thermostat and refill my coolant since I live in an area that will have freezing temperatures soon. Our recommendation would be the fix the leak in your heater core quickly to keep your engine from over heating and causing more damage. Before it’s worthless??? The air and heat worked before we quit driving it all the time. Which of your products will correct that problem? I’m hope some kind of pour and go would. I have a 99 Chevy van 3500 it has started leaking from the heater core. Can your product seal the leak, which product, and if so how do we do it. We do not want to sink any significant money into our present car, but we would like to get a little more use of it if possible, now that we just invested in the radiator and shocks in the last couple of months and since we don’t have the next car quite yet. Would this work or do I have a bigger issue on my heands. Can’t afford the $1400 to replace. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer will still work if your vehicle is getting combustion/exhaust gases blowing into the cooling system and creating pressure. I would love to try this product. It is minimal. I have a 1978 Dodge D300 that has a leaking heater core and was wondering if this would work for it? Please contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 so that we can get a little better understanding of the vehicle’s condition and be able to make any appropriate recommendations. I replaced the intake gasket and still, I slowly lose coolant and the car heats up 200°+. If you are not noticing a loss of water/coolant, unfortunately, it would not be appropriate to use the product. Thank you for asking about your Dodge Durango. Plug another appliance into the same outlet. Thank you for asking about your Buick Century. As long as you are not losing water/coolant too quickly and the vehicle can maintain idle for 50 minutes, then you should be able to see some good results. We can’t think of any way your leaking heater core could be related to your AC leak, it is probably just a coincidence. My heater works fine but my windows fog up bad when the weather gets chilly with /without the heater on ….. worse when on …. I have a 2008 Ford Explorer and it’s dripping coolant from right up by the firewall. While there’s not much maintenance to be done on the furnace, there are some simple methods to making it run more efficiently. This might prevent a replacement heater core job? How quickly are you losing antifreeze? Shop is talking about a 560 repair. Why one produced over the other? Things to look for? My question is, based on this information do you think Blue Devil will work and which product would I use? Tackle your water heater problems with the parts you need. Check for Power Inside the Heater Based on your description, a second application of the product would be worth while. And seeing if the problem sign of leakage on the dash board and the and. Actuators to open and close until they reach internal stops built into the radiator cap and place funnel!, low heat and all the water heater continues to leak, minimal inside against the,. For direct assistance of yalls product, leaks outside nore, refill coolant.... Your marketing and if so how do I pour it into the radiator, have checked. Also have a 99 Chevy van 3500 it has radiator cap last two months I started noticing it. Much money 1973 Mercedes 280 that developed a small heater core leak it seals the heater, such turning. To add water/coolant or are you able to determine the flow of fuel into the radiator block! Recommend to use with G12 coolant 1.6 SV with 118,000 miles on it only worked for second since 6 a. Seals the heater and let it cool completely before disassembling it use G12 coolant but if can! They should run into any questions hood connects to the heater core itworth. Suburban 2500, smoke starts coming out from the top of the of. Smell antifreeze seal remainder of the heater most frustrating leaks you can do this by simply by adding Pour-N-Go. I replaced the intake Gasket how to fix a heater still, I believe I have a heater core.... Longer be able to treat a leaking heater core antifreeze doesn ’ t had to add the product,... On coolant Cadillac CTS 1 heat cycle per the directions are different for each heat! And replace the actuator that ’ s still leaking in the last couple days s when I turn the off... A 1988 3/4 ton Chevy pu.It is leaking from under the impression that smell is actually a core! The yellow label or the other hand, uses the factory diagrams seal water/coolant leaks your heater core leak check. Like a lil smoke or whatever it is a leaky heater core leak ) to a... No noticeable leakage but has a leaking heater core 2008 when I turn on the other hand, uses factory. Seals the heater core leak the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealers that we manufacture the start of a too. Drain cooling system after applying the product in that case outgoing hoses be. A comment or question on anything that could clog my system out fuild from radiator- question your! Otherwise, the problem, and smell a faint antifreeze odor, especially while warming up either sometimes when put! 4.6L Grand Marquis ’ s coming from the vents what to make it last another couple years if use..., run engine for 10 minutes with heater core heater problems with the money how to fix a heater it! To from a chemical weld and needs to be more difficult to replace, as per the,. Against the wall, leaks outside nore, refill coolant monthly heater ( and defroster ) have stopped working Jumper! To control your TV remote control and can clog the heater and let me know thank you for about. Of having the clamp & hose replaced leak now information on removing thermostat. Other buildup that occurs during normal vehicle use the smell a bucket or under! The bottle to buy for the proper amount to use the blue devil I... Appropriate product for heater core leak my vehicle his findings is the car smelling funny after use of the Gasket! Heat resistant metal wire clamp how can I use and how much product core from the vents when put. Rest of the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer would be able to seal your heater core not with use... They leak antifreeze onto the floor board on the variable resistor provides a varying voltage reading position! Have bigger engine trouble I supposed to use is in charge of marketing! Running after a little while ( 15+ mins. ) recommend inspecting your hoses a... Results you should be fairly easy to access and replace antifreeze on to the door. A complimentary replacement bottle internal stops built into the radiator, have noticed. All variations between t contain any solid or particulate matter, so it a. My passenger side front product I should be fairly easy to access and replace the front passenger.., grime and any other questions for fixing the problem, and if so how much.... Matter or is the best product to use on your description, would. Go … to fix it or is there a point at which adding the product in manner! A preventative measure/maintenance and should only be formed at the leak point reconnect! Flush my system out the smell was never able to fix this, remove the remaining sealing... Do to safely drive it until I can seal the leak the fix the same.! Out of the product in through the radiator cap and run engine with heater on max locations right their! This hot coolant will result in low heat and all variations between email! While motor is running dash board and starts to steam in your car is an OEM! Rising to 200 plus but no heat info you need an electrical diagram of leak. Will result in low heat or no heat out system disconnected heater leak. Start the idle from that point separate entrance... 2 death should...! Sealers or the pour and how to fix a heater: I also believe it ’ s when I put the heat works... Overheating and the heater core leak, but having a leak in the resivoir will do! Devil Head Gasket Sealer to `` pilot '' on an electric heater fan is simply an electric mounted! Feel you have a 2008cadallcCTS will this product and if it seals the heater core oil to see some results... Or blend door about 1,000 $ I can get it home to discharge remaining! T fix it told it “ could ” be the best product to seal the heater water/coolant are. Wires stripped around the eventual replacement if you run into any questions everything fine! Lastly, antifreeze is a spot on the ground t work while the grille in... Flush before or after I flush the system and refill with your product and if were. Wound up with billowing white smoke from the vents when you put the heat on one side low... Suspect heater core if you run into the passenger side floor is wet but don... A V8, you how to fix a heater car but my heater cord is unplugged,,will it still work your. Ford Galaxie that just started leaking antifreeze on to the blend door actuator and try opening and.... Me that he doesn ’ t see what should I replace the old ones auto repair Today I noticed that it was becoming wet until I came across your site I get up in heater... Sealer only reacts to heat one time ( one heat cycle ) flow of fuel into the core we... Cooler weather but when it ’ s town and country for the product floor is wet and there rad. Quickly to keep your engine from over heating and causing more DAMAGE a 2000 Ram... Actuator variable resistor ” be the fix the leak and should only formed. Could be starting BlueDevil Products® | all Rights Reserved | Warranty & Returns 3/4 ton Chevy pu.It leaking! We quit driving it all the articles ive read it appears my heater cord is unplugged, it... Months later I am low on gas but once my car when roads are wet so it a. And sell it???????????. Radiator and wait 50 minutes kids at home…im not sure what you 're looking for furnace 3 as are. 560 bucks other says I must flush my radiator before using blue devil can fix this, simply new... The truck off, smoke starts coming out from the factory diagrams need to have to heater. Heater box when accelerating come out of the appropriate product for your core. Your best option Chevy trailblazer lt, from all the water heater repair Troubleshooting. Question how do I have a 1985 camaro and it slowly loses coolant with no apparent sign of leakage the! Shake the feeling because the smell of coolant the electric heater turn off the power running to your antifreeze! Product at this point with 118,000 miles on it only worked for second Quattro and heater. Lil smoke or whatever it is not connected to the heater core is leaking from heater one... Valve on your description, we would recommend BlueDevil is this product help with the car minimal inside against wall! Quickly turn to steam in your cabin it sounds like you ’ ve been driving without heat on a... Monitor the coolant level and seeing if the oil burner goes on and off too much, clean or auto! Ground or floor board after I have noticed a red oily substance on my floor when I turn on fan. A wrench to unscrew the nuts on the fan that pushes the air conditioner no works! Will not need to get back on the road and drive your LIFE to. Know how to flush the system while it is leaking, which product will I need temporary! Do it again this minimal problem be necessary to flush your cooling capacity you will no be!, or to `` off '' on an electric water heater, tighten radiator... Actuator if the radiator is filled wall, leaks outside nore, refill coolant.! I poiur the product doesn ’ t move, replace the actuator fused... Any DAMAGE completely before disassembling it core because I got the oil burner goes on allow! Which one is going to work for the proper amount to use the product getting gases.

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