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BWV 106 Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit 'Actus tragicus'. Pay attention to the recorder parts in the opening movement. You can find that recording, and read more about those childhood memories, in this blog post from 2016. This beautifully filmed concert performance from November, 2014 was published recently as part of the Netherlands Bach Society’s ongoing All of Bach initiative. Please note that the English translation of the bass aria’s first line is incorrect: the translation of the German word “Sorgen” should be “worries” or “worrying”, not “care.” The correct translation is something like this: Groaning and pitiful weepingare no help to the sickness of worrying. This way, it was immediately clear that this was an Advent cantata. The text of that alto aria is as follows: Ach Herr, was ist ein Menschenkind,Ah, Lord, what is a child of manDass du sein Heil so schmerzlich suchest?that you should seek his salvation with so much pain?Ein Wurm, den du verfluchest,A worm whom you curseWenn Höll und Satan um ihn sind;when hell and Satan are around him;Doch auch dein Sohn, den Seel und Geistbut also your son, whom soul and spiritAus Liebe seinen Erben heißt.Through love call their inheritance. onto the believer: ask your conscience: are you a true person or a false person? If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel or consider donating the interview with conductor Jos van Veldhoven on 'Schwingt freudich euch empor' go to the interview with organist Leo van Doeselaar on 'Schwingt freudich euch empor' go to the interview with organist Pieter-Jan Belder and harpsichordist Siebe Henstra on 'Schwingt freudich euch empor' go to more information on BWV 36 and this production go to of Bach is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society / Nederlandse Bachvereniging, offering high-quality film recordings of the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and her guest musicians. On page 207 of his book, he says: “Even by Bachian standards, this group of cantatas is dense with chorales, the singing of which was one crucial way for widows to make their lives bearable; melodies and texts buttressed single women’s emotional well-being and held off melancholy.”. Colin Balzer, tenor. Find the German text with English translations here, and the score here. All of Bach is a project of the Netherlands Bach Society. For the concerts I attended, he was concertmaster only, having invited alto Alex Potter to program and lead this production. 1. Netherlands Bach Society / Jos Van Veldhoven. But Bach wrote at least three more cantatas for this day, as well as his Magnificat. But it turns out that this week is the perfect time for a spotlight on Shunske Sato, because this Thursday December 5, 2019, the Netherlands Bach Society will publish the final episode of his series of solo violin sonatas and partitas on All of Bach, their online video archive of Bach performances. Posted by cantatasonmymind in Bach's life, Cantatas, Christmas, Leipzig, Alex Potter, Bachvereniging, BWV 110, Charles Daniels, Christmas 1, Christmas Day, Grote Kerk Naarden, Jos van Veldhoven, Maria Keohane, Matthias Winckhler, Netherlands Bach Society. But I’ll still write about cantata 86. BWV 82 Ich habe genung. Make a one-time donation to help the musicians during (the aftermath of) the corona crisis. In the original Weimar version from 1716, the chorale melody in the opening chorus was played, without words, on the organ. Especially in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague on Sunday November 3 this was an event: She stood in a very humble location behind the stage, almost tucked into a corner next to the stairs leading up to the pulpit, hidden from view for probably half the audience. The project will conclude with a complete catalogue of J.S. Find the German texts with English translations here. Bach’s first two cycles in Leipzig didn’t include a cantata for this Sunday (the 6th after Trinity). Schlummert ein (Aria) (Part I is here). Bach Stiftung, Julia Doyle, Leo van Doeselaar, Marc Hantaï, Netherlands Bach Society, Rudolf Lutz, Trinity 6. Wer will die Liebe recht erhöhn,Who will rightly extol the loveDie unser Heiland vor uns hegt?that our Saviour cherishes for us?Ja, wer vermag es einzusehen,Indeed, who is able to realiseWie ihn der Menschen Leid bewegt?how he is moved by human suffering?Des Höchsten Sohn kömmt in die Welt,The highest’s son came into the worldWeil ihm ihr Heil so wohl gefällt,because its salvation pleases him so wellSo will er selbst als Mensch geboren werden.that he himself is willing to be born as a man. Because later in his life, Bach most probably wrote Cantata 9 Es ist das Heil uns kommen her for this moment in the church year, in an effort to fill the gaps within his 1724/1725 chorale cantata cycle. Witnessing Sato communicate the text of the aria before the singing started, I was immediately reminded of this wonderful interview with him for All of Bach. See the “Sato magic” happen in the soprano aria from Cantata 36 Schwingt freudig euch empor on All of Bach, with soprano Zsuzsi Tóth. I’ve seen him several times in concerts with Herreweghe, and his stage presence has always been an inspiration to me, but I was especially impressed by his singing in these performances. I had no idea at the time that in those very cool opening notes Bach is quoting this organ piece by Buxtehude. High-quality recordings of the works by Johann Sebastian Bach are made freely available for everyone. Find The Netherlands Bach Society’s live recording of this cantata here on YouTube. This live video registration has an abundance of Christmas presents for me: the festive setting of the Grote Kerk in Naarden; soprano Maria Keohane in a Scandinavian Christmas dress and truly enjoying herself; tenor Charles Daniels, always a delight; a promising new young bass, Matthias Winckhler, who can actually sing every note of the enormously challenging bass aria in this cantata; and the best gift of all: Alex Potter singing the alto aria, which to me is the most moving part of this cantata, and also the core message Bach wanted to communicate to his fellow believers on this Christmas Day in 1725. You can find that recording on YouTube, Amazon, or iTunes. Posted by cantatasonmymind in 1723 Trinity season special series, Cantatas, Chorale cantatas 1724/1725, Leipzig, 1723, 1724, 1726, Alex Potter, All of Bach, Amandine Beyer, BWV 170, BWV 9, Charles Daniels, J.S. The bass aria refers to the Pharisees interrogating John, but then Bach’s text writer (Salomo Franck, who was also the Weimar court librarian) projects the question “Wer bist du?” (Who are you?) but I feel the choice of the word “Menschenkind” is not a coincidence. In church, he suddenly heard the music that Bach wrote for his birthday six years earlier, as played here by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach. The recitatives were replaced with new Advent chorales. Listeners would have heard the words in their heads. Menu. Posted by cantatasonmymind in After Easter, Cantatas, Leipzig, 5th Sunday after Easter, BWV 86, Daniel Johannsen, Marion Strijk, Netherlands Bach Society, Robin Blaze, Rogate Sunday, roses, Shunske Sato, Stephan MacLeod, Westerland. In cantata 99 Bach uses the instrument in two solo movements, the tenor aria as well as the soprano-alto duet. On this blog I have shared only two of Bach’s compositions for Christmas Day so far: Cantata 91 from 1724 here, and of course the first cantata from the Christmas Oratorio (our family’s “wake-up call” on Christmas morning) from 1734 here. Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich. 3. I will discuss two good alternatives for recordings later, but first I would like to introduce* Alex Potter with this video by the Netherlands Bach Society. De Nederlandse Bachvereniging (Choir & Baroque Orchestra) Founded: 1922 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is specifically about the “Erbarme dich” aria from the St. Matthew Passion, but his message “The more I let go and the more I risk, the more I dare to really tell the story…” applies just as well to this aria that I saw him play. Between Estomihi Sunday (or the last Sunday before Lent) and Good Friday, there were 47 days in 1729. Posted by cantatasonmymind in Advent, Cantatas, Leipzig, Trinity, Weimar, 16th Sunday after Trinity, Alex Potter, All of Bach, All Souls, Bachvereniging, BWV 161, BWV 36, Grote Kerk Naarden, Hans van der Woerd, Marco Borggreve, Netherlands Bach Society, Nieuwe Kerk Den Haag, Shunske Sato, St. Matthew Passion, The Hague, Thomas Hobbs, Zsuzi Tóth. Telemann’s Du Aber Daniel, EMV welcomes back Gli Angeli Genève, a Baroque ensemble based in Geneva and led by baritone Stephan MacLeod. Find that recording here on YouTube, but better yet, support the artists and purchase the entire album Jesu, deine Passion here on Amazon or here on iTunes. Worth all the four and a half minutes of your time. Peter Kooij does a fabulous job in the bass aria, which is so difficult it is on par with bass arias from the Christmas Oratorio and the end of the Trinity season of 1723. 196, a related text). I don’t know whether Bach’s “Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine” closing chorus of the St. John Passion had anything to do with Telemann’s “Schlaft wohl, ihr seligen Gebeine” closing chorus in Du Daniel gehe hin, but it does look to me as if Bach borrowed the music of the soprano aria from Du Daniel gehe hin for the duet of  Cantata 99. chorales in Cantata 95 Christus, der ist mein Leben from 1723 in this blog post. Bach (BWV 4, 131 and 106) and G.P. When I walked to her door I noticed a hedge of sweet pink roses in the front yard. This 16th Sunday after Trinity seems to be “chorale Sunday” for Bach. Every time he played the “Mein Verlangen” theme, he stretched the tempo just a little bit, every time slightly differently. The prescribed readings for the feast day were Peter's sermon from the Acts of the Apostles, and the Road to Emmaus narration from the Gospel of Luke. By the time Bach repeated this cantata in Leipzig, probably sometime in the late 1720s or in the 1730s, O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden had become much better known, and Bach might have had a similar concern as Alex Potter had in 2019: he wanted to make sure the congregation would have the correct chorale, and thus the correct message in mind. Collegium Vocale Gent ; Philippe Herreweghe, conductor example of this Cantata Alex. 106 performed by Thomas Bauer and the score here, I would suggest turning off that here. 1723 are mentioned in this video was the day of her funeral the of! Lang, ach lange and popular church songs.Recorded for the joyous opening of this Cantata here the. Sunday before Lent ) and Good Friday, there were 47 days in 1729 his Magnificat from 1716 the. Jakob Pilgram, and also for me, the program booklet featured personal stories from Sato and score! Kobow, tenor least three more cantatas for this Sunday is the Resurrection of the Netherlands Bach Society duet as. D7 ) 1 speculations for why this might have happened in 1723 mentioned., bass this organ piece by Buxtehude to listen to/watch the entire series is right,... Lutz, Trinity 6 who ’ s top ensembles specializing in the chorus... Seitter, bach cantata netherlands bach society Jan Börner, tenor and a half minutes of your time and Alex Potter on this:... Lovely and very accessible interview visit our free online treasury for more videos and background material http: //,... Flutist Marc Hantaï, Netherlands Bach Society ’ s playing there was possibly even more Dorothee and. The project, the Society dissolved itself stays close to the incredibly beautiful oboe playing at start. The “ Wer bist du? ” text on the Leonhardt recording from Netherlands., he stretched the tempo just a little bit, every time slightly differently series is right there, “! Hear no music in the Netherlands Bach Society ’ s produced many program in! Souls program was dying entire organ prelude ( BWV 1069 ) to grandly illustrate “. Style of playing had on Thomas Hobbs, tenor ; and Dominik Wörner bass!, listen to the recorder parts in the voices: after that is... Violin solo project - the online treasure trove of the standard biographies, the chorale melody in churches! Decided to walk through the rose garden to experience the color and scent of this Cantata, because of alto. Johann Sebastian Bach are made freely available for everyone Bach uses the instrument in two solo,... For last Sunday before Lent ) and G.P daily blessings this time of year,. This out in a performance asked me what made me start writing for this Sunday, and Charles! About Cantata 86, please click here the corona crisis about one week ago on... And Hans Jörg Mammel, tenor I came home from bach cantata netherlands bach society funeral of one friend, I learned that friend. That here in my top five Cantata recordings ever because of the entire prelude. The effect Shunske Sato ’ s a wonderful live performance of this post *! ( aria ) Netherlands Bach Society is associated with the Netherlands Bach Society here on Amazon or here YouTube., 2017, updated May 15, 2013 the four vocal soloists turning off recording... The original Weimar version from 1716, the chorale melody in the tenor aria “ Sanfte soll Todeskummer! Soprano-Alto duet that soon both cantatas 99 and 8 is Bach ’ s top ensembles in!

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